Ani – Song for Allah from Islamic Hymns: Celebration of Life Album.

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Ani – Song for Allah Lyrics

Whenever I listen to the voice of anything you’ve made
The rustling of the trees
The trickling of water

The cries of the birds
The flickering of shadow
The roar of the wind
I can hear it saying:

Allah, Allah, One Love, Allah

The song of the thunder
Mother Nature’s wonder
I can her it saying
God is everywhere

Allah, Allah, One Love, Allah

You’re the corners of the earth
The universe, the galaxies
Yet closer than my heart
You’re in the air I breathe in

Ani – Song for Allah Details:

  • Artist: Ani Zonneveld
  • Backing vocals: Michael Mishaw
  • Backing vocal arrangements: Michael Mishaw
  • Music: George Landress/Ani Zonneveld
  • Lyrics: Ani Zonneveld (Lyrics adapted from Rabi’a Basri [717-801 CE])
  • Album: Islamic Hymns: Celebration of Life
  • Duration: 03:40
  • Genre: Nasheed, Hymns, Spiritual
  • Released: August 14, 2012
  • Language: English
  • Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered: George Landress
  • Produced & Arrangement: George Landress & Ani Zonneveld
  • Studio: Emily’s Basement (Los Angeles) & 2bz Productions
  • Label: Ani
  • Copyright: © Emily’s Basement/2bz Productions

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