Native Deen, an Islamic musical band of Washington, D.C. ‘Way of life’ is the Arabic meaning of ‘Deen’. Three Colombian young men Joshua Salam, Naeem Mahmud and Abdul Malik are the producer of this band. ► Listen A Malik’s Conscious Reboot

They play Hip Hop as well as R&B style music with lyrical themes about Islam. ‘Deen You Know‘, ‘Not Afraid to Stand Alone‘ and ‘ The Remedy‘ are three Album of them. They tinkle percussion music as well as synthetic sounds but exclude wind or string instrument.

Listen A Malik’s Conscious Reboot

A Malik’s Conscious Reboot Tracks

#Name ArtistAlbumDuration
1.Build the World Together A. MalikConscious Reboot5:02
2.One Creator A. MalikConscious Reboot5:06
3. Speak Good or Keep Silent A. MalikConscious Reboot3:08
4. To Heaven A. MalikConscious Reboot2:57
5. I Don't Drink A. MalikConscious Reboot2:51
6. Best of Planners A. MalikConscious Reboot4:45
7. Toxic A. MalikConscious Reboot3:38
8. When Times Are Rough A. MalikConscious Reboot4:42
9.Farewell to the World A. MalikConscious Reboot5:36

Native Deen has launched their new website theme. It is loaded with many new features. They enlarged their blog, added new video and photo page. This website also has a new online store for buying Native Deen t-shirt, music album CD, videos and many more. Anyone can sign up here for update.

Native Deen also has an online TV named Deen TV. From here you can watch their musical videos and events. You can watch here Laylatul-Quadr, new musical video of them which is about the night of Laylatul-Quadr.

Native Deen's Conscious Reboot
Native Deen’s Conscious Reboot to Build the World Together

A Malik’s Conscious Reboot

Conscious Reboot‘, the new album by Abdul Malik is now on their website. This is a collection of songs and raps. A. Malik had been writing those songs for years and finally created this album. He used some latest software and plugin on this album.

A. Malik dedicated this album to Ahmed Mohamed, the bright kid from Texas – who is Muslim and had African heritage.

The songs on this album send us messages for transferring our souls from darkness to light in this new age. As well as the songs effects us personally in our spiritual quest. Those songs also issue that effect our families, neighborhoods and our communities.

To do a cool remix, Zain Bhikha helped A. Malik for the song “Farewell to the World”.

A Malik’s Conscious Reboot Details:

  • Release Date: October 1, 2015
  • Label: Native Deen
  • Copyright: 2015 A. Malik
  • Total length: 37:43
  • A Malik’s Conscious Reboot

Albums of Native Deen:

  1. I Love When You Use Your Word
  2. Deen You Know
  3. Not Afraid To Stand Alone
  4. The Remedy
  5. Conscious Reboot
Joshua Salam, Naeem Mahmud and Abdul Malik are band members of Native Deen
Joshua Salam, Naeem Mahmud and Abdul Malik are band members of Native Deen

A Malik’s Conscious reboot is now available on CDBaby, Itunes and Amazon

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