Mesut Kurtis – Alayka from Mesut Kurtis’s Album Salawat.

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Mesut Kurtis – Alayka Lyrics:

Alayka sallâ Allah
Ya khayra khalqillah
Wal ‘âli wal ashâb
Wal qawmi ahli Allah

Yâ man lahul burhân
Wa khulquhul Quran
Ya hâdiyal akwân
Ya Muhammad Rasool Allah


I’ll walk to his mosque from afar
To Medina that shines like a star
His love lef in me a scar
He’s Muhammad Rasool Allah


Our Lord We must obey
And never forget to pray
And follow the pathway
Of Muhammad Rasool Allah


Tâ-Hâ, Ahmed
Alayka salla Allah

To others we must convey
His teachings and portray
For if we do then they
Will love Rasool Allah


Allah make me from as-sâlihin
From those who help the miskin
And who upholt and the din
Of Muhammad Rasool Allah


Rabbuna arsalak
‘Alal warâ faddalak
Jalla man sawwarak
Ya Muhammad Rasool Allah

Mesut Kurtis – Alayka Details:

  • Artist: Mesut Kurtis
  • Lyrics: Bara Kherigi
  • Album: Salawat
  • Length : 04:33
  • Arrangement: Sami Yusuf
  • Producer: Sami Yusuf
  • Genre: World, Positive
  • Released: May 1, 2004
  • Language: Arabic
  • Label: Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
  • Copyright: 2005 Awakening Worldwide Ltd.

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