Nazeel Azami – Ishara from his debut album Dunya

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Nazeel Azami – Ishara Lyrics:

Boloto kar isharai [Tell me, on whose gesture]
Golap tar gondho bilai? [Does the rose give out its fragrance?]
Boloto kar isharai [Tell me, on whose gesture]
Megher pahar brishti jhorai? [Do the clouds release their downpour?]
Ei duniyai [In this world]
Ei duniyai [In this world]

Boloto kar isharai [Tell me, on whose gesture]
Hashe chad akashe [Does the moon in the sky smile?]
Jonaki dei je alo [With the firefly glowing]
Mayabi abeshe [In an air of enchantment]

Nazeel Azami Ishara lyrics

She kotha bhebe bhebe [Pondering over all this]
Mon amar jai hariye [My mind wanders adrift]
Dur-ojanai [To a faraway, unknown place]
Dur-ojanai [To a faraway, unknown place]

Boloto kar isharai
Golap tar gondho bilai?
Boloto kar isharai
Megher pahar brishti jhorai?
Ei duniyai
Ei duniyai

Who made the clouds come by
So we can live and be
Sending rain, so soft and mild
Cleansing you and me

Who gave me clear eyes to see
The moon when it beams
He taught me how silent love can be
A road to your dreams

Nazeel Azami Ishara lyrics

Who taught the mothers of the world
To love us the wa they do
When all the trials unfurl
All they think of is you

You still make me cry
You still make me laugh
Don’t let me ever forget
About our golden past

And so the world moves on its way
Newcomers join everyday
Tomorrow they will sat
Tomorrow they will say

Boloto kar isharai
Golap tar gondho bilai?
Boloto kar isharai
Megher pahar brishti jhorai?
Ei duniyai
Ei duniyai

Nazeel Azami – Ishara Bengali Lyrics:

বলতো কার ইশারায়
গোলাপ তার গন্ধ বিলায়
বলতো কার ইশারায়
মেঘের পাহাড় বৃষ্টি ঝরায়
এই দুনিয়ায়, এই দুনিয়ায়…

বলতো কার ইশারায় হাসে চাঁদ আকাশে
জোনাকি দেয় যে আলো মায়াবী আবেশে (2x)
সে কথা ভেবে ভেবে মন আমার যায় হারিয়ে
দূর অজানায়, দুর অজানায়…

Nazeel Azami – Ishara Details:

  • Artist: Nazeel Azami
  • Featured Artist:
  • Music:
  • Lyrics: Saifullah Mansur & Nazeel Azami
  • Album: Dunya
  • Duration: 04:28
  • Arrangement:
  • Genre: World, Positive, Nasheed, Arabic, English
  • Released: 1 September 2006
  • Language: Bengali, English
  • Producer:
  • Produced By: ® Awakening Records
  • Distributor: Inteam Records (Malaysia)
  • Studio:
  • Label: Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
  • Copyright: © 2006 Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
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