Sami Yusuf – The Creator from Al Muallim Album.

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This song “The creator” is about what Allah has created for us and everything he gave us. Sami Yusuf sang this song in relief and delight in telling us that he created the plants and trees to give us fruit and veg to eat and oxygen to breath from and beauty of the earth. He gave the birds for a nature view to the sky and bees for honey from flowers. He created the oceans and seas to give us water to drink and fishes to live in, and of course for a touch of beauty. Theres so many things Sami Yusuf mentioned he gave us . Every where we look around we see the bright sun and moon the big mountains and hills so we must appreciate for everything we see around us.

— Taren Kayum

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Sami Yusuf – The Creator Lyrics

La ilaha illa Allah
(There is no god but Allah)
He created the plants and trees
He created the birds and bees
He created the oceans and seas
Some of His many bounties
He made us on earth trustees
To obey all His decrees
Oh Allah have mercy please,
Clean away our hearts’ disease

Jalla Allahu fi ‘oulah
(Glorified is Allah in His loftiness)
Ma lana rabbun siwah
(We have no lord but He)
La ilaha illa Allah
Awwalun qablal wujud
(He is the First before existence)
Akhirun Ba’dal khulud
(He is the Last after eternity)
Mutlaqun ‘anil hudud
(Absolute is He above any limits)
Wajibun lahus sujud
(Obligatory it is to prostrate to Him)
Rabbun wahibul hayah
(The Lord who bestows life)
Mujrir rihi wal miyah
(He makes the wind and water surge)
Fadhat binnada yadah
(His blessings are overflowing)
Tuba lilladhi hadah
(Successful is he whom He guides)

He gave the day and night
He gave us our sense sight
He created the sun so bright
And the moon so pure and white

He saved from our plight
He led us towards the light
He led us to the straight path
Through his mercy and his might

Lord of the earth and the sky
Lord the mountains so high
Lord of the day and the night
Lord of joy and delight

Sami Yusuf – The Creator Details:

  • Artist: Sami Yusuf
  • Lyrics: Ahmed Haykal
  • Album: Al Muallim
  • Duration: 06:51
  • Music: Jamal Salameh
  • Genre: World, Spiritique, Pop
  • Released: January 1, 2005
  • Language: Arabic & English
  • Produced: Sami Yusuf
  • Distributed By: Inteam Records
  • Label: Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
  • Copyright: © 2005 Awakening Worldwide Ltd.
  • Made in Malaysia

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