You don’t listen to this album. You feel it. This is not an album, it’s a spiritual experience. (the only musical instrument used is a duff drum).

From the Artist:

This album has been in the works for almost exactly 10 years. I began working on it in 1998, focusing mostly on Arabic and Urdu content. Over the years, as I read more English translations of the poetic works of earlier generations of Muslims, I started writing and composing songs in English.

This proved very difficult at times – it took me five years to get a complete idea of what I wanted ‘The Sound Of Tears’ to sound like. At other times, it proved surprisingly easy – I remember writing ‘The Quest’ in an inspired mid-afternoon hour in Toronto on July 21st, 2001. A similar moment on a busy Dubai freeway was where I wrote ‘Take My Hand’ in 2005 (I pulled over to do the actual writing, in case you were wondering).

Most famous songs:

▶️ Take My Hand
▶️ The Sound of Tears
▶️ The Quest

Tracks List:

01 – The Most Beautiful Names (Arabic Version)
02 – Marhaba
03 – Ahl Al Bayt
04 – Take My Hand
05 – Faslon Ko Takalluf
06 – The Sound of Tears
07 – Allah Hu
08 – The Quest

Take My Hand Album Details:

  • Artist: Nader Khan
  • Original Release Date: December 21, 2008
  • Genre: Spiritual, Inspirational, Positive, English, Urdu, Arabic, Farsi
  • Label: First Spring Records
  • Copyright: 2008 First Spring Records
  • Total Length: 45:27


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